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For cleaning double sided materials such as plastic sheets, rigid panels, films, glass.
The DeskTop double sided cleaner released by Teknek in response to user demand
for affordable, high efficiency cleaning for work stations. The DeskTop sheet cleaner
incorporates two rubber pick up (tacky transfer rolls) rolling continuously with two
specially matched sheeted adhesive rolls. Simply slide the part to be cleaned into
the cleaning rollers and the part appears cleaned top and bottom- straight into the
operators waiting hand. For simplicity and productivity the DeskTop sheet and panel
cleaner is hard to beat. The Desk Top sheet cleaner will not damage your surfaces
or leave anything behind. The Desk Top sheet cleaner is tops for cleaning efficiency
and productivity because it blends harmoniously with the operator sequence. The
unit has a working cleaning width of 12inches (300mm) and a small footprint.
Active static elimination is a standard feature
New! Now available with high performance NanoCleen™ range of rubber pick up
roll with static reduction and matching adhesive roll. N.B NanoCleen™ is a silicone
and static free system which cleans below 1 micron, making it ideal for cleaning thin,
statically charged materials such as polyimide, Kapton, PET sheets etc
Product Data/Specification: Desktop Cleaner Spec Sheet
Science of Adhesion: Science of Adhesion