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High Performance Cleaning For BLU Film

At the 2012 International Backlight Expo Shanghai, 14-16 March 2012

A new device for cleaning the thin film layer of back light units makes its debut on the Teknek booth at the 2012 International Backlight Expo in Shanghai (14-16 March).

Teknek, the global leader in yield improvement and contact cleaning technology, has developed the Thin Film Machine specifically for Back Light Unit manufacturers.

The highly engineered films used in production for BLU’s are extremely thin and difficult to clean. This problem is compounded as the film has a tendency to wrap around the cleaning roller leading to wasted material.

In the BLU manufacturing environment contamination from dust and other debris can have a dramatic impact on yields and production. There is a zero tolerance of defects and the film must be 100% clean.

“The key issue for manufacturers is that polyester films are becoming thinner and hence more delicate and fragile. The dilemma has been how to ensure the film is thoroughly cleaned without damaging the substrate,” said Ruaridh Nicolson, Teknek’s sales and marketing manager. “With our 25 years-plus experience in contact cleaning equipment we have perfected a technology which offers the best possible cleaning performance at the fastest production rates yet leaves the film totally intact. Our uniquely formulated cleaning rollers gently remove unattached dry particles down to one micron from the substrate. ”In addition, Teknek’s first-to-market Oxydegradable EcoFilm adhesive roll helps customers comply with their environmental obligations.