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Teknek is to show how furniture and wood panel manufacturers can increase yields and reduce waste at the Ligna exhibition in Germany, the leading trade show for the wood panel and furniture sector.

Increasing use of high gloss laminate surfaces by the furniture industry means that the sector has become more susceptible to contamination issues.  Microscopic particles of dust can become trapped between the wood panel and the laminate film leading to wasted product and high reject rates.  Even particles that appear invisible to the naked eye can have an impact as lamination has a magnifying effect making the particles appear up to 10 times larger.  By the time the fault is spotted it is too late to rectify.

Teknek, the global leader in yield improvement technology, has introduced its contact cleaning equipment, already extensively used in many hi-tech industries, to offer a proven and effective cleaning solution to the furniture and wood panel sector.  The Teknek “clean machine” uses a unique elastomer roller to gently lift particles down to one micron in size from the panel surface before the coating or laminate is applied and the inner surface of the gloss web is also cleaned just before application.   The contamination is then transferred to a special reverse-wound, pre-sheeted adhesive roll for permanent disposal.

When used in combination with traditional cleaning systems such as brush, blower and vacuum the contact cleaning system from Teknek offers manufacturers the most effective defence against the impact of contamination.  The net result is higher yields, better quality and less rejects.

Ruaridh Nicolson, Teknek’s sales and marketing manager said: “The end user will not accept a defect on their finished product. The trend in gloss finished products means that this product is becoming more demanding to manufacture and less tolerant of faults.  Our clean machines can be used at several critical stages of panel production to ensure that contamination does not lead to quality issues and the waste of expensive materials.  We have key accounts benefiting from this technology and saving money every day. We have found the application of contact cleaning can reduce panel reject rates by up to a staggering 80%.”

For further information about Teknek’s range of solutions for the wood panel and furniture sector please visit www.teknek.com or call +44(0)141 568 8100.