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The MWCn is a mid range web cleaner for small web widths with speeds up to
around 150m/min (450ft/min). The slim profile unit has capability to be fitted through
360° allowing great flexibility of mounting options. Example applications are - label
printing, holographic foils, printed electronics, laminating, coating, slitting, in mould
decoration, flexible circuit manufacture, TAB and many more.
With Teknek's range of proprietary cleaning cores (tacky rollers) the MWCn will
permanently remove dust and dry unattached particles down to 1 micron in size,
from webs 150 - 430mm (6 -17") wide.
The range includes systems for both, single or double sided web cleaning and anti-
static bars can be added as an option to the exit of the machine.
Downloads: MWC Brochure
Product Data/Specification: MWC Product Specification
Science of Adhesion: Science of Adhesion

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