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The CM10 sheet cleaner for large sheets, utilises Teknek Cleaning Core “ tacky
rolls “ to remove surface contamination prior to critical dust sensitive processes. The
CM10 is available with all Teknek Cleaning Cores “ tacky rollers “ which includes
Nanocleen™ technology, a unique silicone-free cleaning and antistatic properties
delivering the highest cleaning performance. Internal anti-static system ensures the
material leaves the CM10 clean and free of static charge.
Optional conveyor systems, ensures the CM10 can be utilised as a stand-alone or
fully incorporated cleaning solution as part of a production process. The product also
has an unique head tilting system to gain access to the cleaning core. This space
saving feature allows full access for both maintenance and operators.
The CM10 sheet cleaner is a robust double sided sheet cleaner with an impressive
Downloads: CM10 Brochure
Product Data/Specification: CM10 Spec Sheet
Science of Adhesion: Science of Adhesion

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