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The SMT PCB cleaner utilises the Teknek tacky rolls technology to remove surface
contamination from a panel prior to the printing of solder paste for critical Surface
Mount Assembly. The product is also available with Teknek's latest innovation in
cleaning core, Nanocleen™ technology, a unique silicone free cleaning system with
antistatic properties. Integrating the SMT PCB cleaner with static elimination in your
process line is proven to dramatically reduce defect parts per million (DPPM) and
increase production yields.
This inline PCB cleaner has been designed to fully integrate into today's SMT
production process, and comes with full SMEMA compatibility, PCB static monitoring
as an options. The product can be configured to clean both sides of the panel or
just the top side depending on the process. The SMT is recognised worldwide as a
leader in cleaning performance with a very impressive ROI.
Downloads: SMT Brochure
Product Data/Specification: SMT Spec Sheet
Science of Adhesion: Science of Adhesion

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