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Another World First!

Roller Doctor

Teknek has once again stolen a march on the competition by being the first manufacturer to offer an elastomer roller care system for all contact cleaning rollers. It follows hot on the heels of Teknek’s launch of the world’s first Oxydegradable clean machine adhesive roll – the EcoFilm range.
The “Roller Doctor” is a rejuvenation pad that is part of a maintenance programme for contact cleaning rollers – when used correctly it will maintain the roller cleaning performance and provide peace of mind that the cleaner will continue to offer “as new” performance.
At the same time Teknek is extending the warranty period on all of it’s rollers to 12 months.  As with the existing warranty, customers must maintain the rollers in accordance with Teknek’s maintenance procedures, use the roller in conjunction with Teknek adhesive roll and the rollers must be cleaned using Tekwipes.
The Roller Doctor has been developed by Teknek’s research lab to re-invigorate tired cleaning rollers.  The cleaning pad contains a proprietary solution, which cleans and refreshes the roller surface.  In effect, the pad “exfoliates” the surface of the roller to ensure it is giving optimal performance.  Teknek recommends that this cleaning procedure is carried out every quarter to ensure the roller is delivering the highest possible performance and removes concerns about any debris on the roller entering and potentially damaging the cleaner.
Ruaridh Nicolson, sales and marketing manager, Teknek said: “Our aim is to be first to market with innovations which add value to products yet save customers costs.  By helping our customers take proper care of their contact cleaning equipment it will save them money because it will significantly extend the life of the rollers and reduce the total cost of ownership.  Moreover, customers have traditionally used an IPA chemical to clean rollers.  This was not ideal as it is difficult to know how much chemical to use for the best results and the customer had to find ways of disposing of the chemicals safely.”
He added: “The new cleaning pads are impregnated with a special chemical which dispenses a precise amount of fluid on to the roller.  This guarantees that the rollers are cleaned properly and will give the maximum performance and lifespan possible.  This offers a consistency to the maintenance programme for customers.  Moreover, with our fulfilment centres in Asia, Europe and North America we offer next day global delivery on all our consumables, something none of our competitors can match.”