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Get to know Teknek Engineering Manager – Alan Shaw

What did you do before joining Teknek?


“I am a toolmaker to trade, and I started my career working in a high-volume pressed metalwork company where we would stamp out thousands of computer chassis each week. I was responsible for the manufacture & maintenance of the press tools, Jigs, fixtures & special purpose machines.


I worked my way up from charge hand to Toolroom Manager, and eventually, I became the tooling design leader. In this role, I travelled to Poland, Taiwan & China to oversee the design & manufacture of our many staged progressions die’s.


When my second son was born, I decided to change to a UK based job and became the Toolroom & Engineering Manager with a lighting company. It was in this role that I crossed paths with Teknek, and eventually, I became Teknek’s Engineering Manager.”


What do you enjoy most about your job?


“The great thing about my job is the versatility it allows me. One day I can be working on a design for some new piece of tooling, then it's all change to automating a new or existing process and then it is change again to be working on new production processes for one of our new products. Due to this constant change, there is always a demand to learn new skills and this is very much encouraged.”


If you could travel back in time, what advice would you give your younger self?


“I am an avid hill walker, and as I get older, it does not get any easier. If I could go back in time, I would tell my younger self not to lose my fitness.”


What’s your favourite invention?


“The 3D printer as it still amazes me how you can print full assembly’s with moving parts.”


Tell us a fun fact about yourself.


“I once got lost in the Debenhams store in Edinburgh. After 30 minutes of trying to find the correct way out, I eventually had to ask a member of staff for help.”