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Hoxin extruders and Shonan trading “Leading the way” in the production of high quality films in Japan

Shonan Trading, Teknek’s wide web distributor in Japan, has recently attended an open day hosted by the OEM, Hoxin film extruders, based in Oyama Japan.
Hoxin were demonstrating their latest multi-layer blown film line to their customers. Hoxin has chosen to lead the field and install the Teknek TWC contact cleaner just before the rewind. This is providing unparalleled quality compared with existing cleaning solutions that they have offered. Live demonstrations took place during the day.


This machine combination is a world first and combines the leading Hoxin extrusion technology with the proven market leader in contamination removal. Tier 1 film suppliers can now produce films suitable in quality and cleanliness for the demanding sectors that they operate in e.g. LIBS films.


The TWC is the first wide web cleaning machine designed for the unique demands of the high-end OEM’s. It’s easy to operate and has unique features including: -


  1. Best cleaning available, removes particulate down to 1 micron
  2. Low applied pressure at point of cleaning, little impact on web tension
  3. Silicone free option, will process all materials
  4. Static dissipation option available, dissipate the charge in the roller.


Throughout 2018 Shonan and Hoxin will conducting a series of demonstrations during which the unique benefits and value of the TWC combined within the blown film extrusion process will be explained.


Shonan Trading are a specialised trading company with a small team of well-trained engineers offering the highest technical sales and service to the converting sector. They have travelled to the UK to complete the “Teknek Academy” and understand the benefits that the system brigs to the manufacturer.


Hoxin Co., Ltd., a producer of blown film manufacturing equipment capable of making complex multilayer extruded materials required in high value converting applications.