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IPC-HERMES-9852 M2M Communication Capability is Optimising the SMT Process

IPC-HERMES-9852 is recognised in the SMT industry as the next generation of advanced M2M “Machine 2 Machine" communication for board flow management in SMT assembly lines. It will replace IPC-SMEMA-9851, which was cutting edge when launched in 1984. However, its limited capability inboard flow data management has driven the need for a major re-think in M2M communication.


What is The Hermes Standard?


The Hermes Standard forms the base for continuous tracing of boards throughout an SMT line. Thereby, it provides the essential backbone of any Industry 4.0 solution.


The Hermes Standard helps to optimise production. It reduces equipment change over time, as well as the need for operator interaction with the SMT line. This is achieved by forwarding board-related information to the complete process with one data input. A single bar code scan at the beginning of the line allocates a “Global Unique Identifier “ (GUID) which is passed down the line from machine 2 machine. This removes the need for multiple bar code scanning before each stage in the process, plus removes the need for board ID Tags. This new technology makes it possible to transmit board and job-related data such as product specification, board dimensions, board identifiers and product type identifiers together with the board regardless of the manufacturer of the equipment within the SMT line.

The product itself becomes the driver of changes along the SMT line. E.g. the manual adjustment of transport conveyor widths belongs to the past. Likewise, the information provided with a board can be used to automatically change the program according to the product type.


IPC-HERMES-9852 and Teknek


Smooth communication between equipment within the SMT process was considered during the design and manufacture of Teknek’s latest contact cleaning machine, the SMT-II. Industry demands for increased traceability and integration have been addressed. The SMT-II will fully integrate into the process but will also come with IPC-Hermes-9852 as standard.


The SMT-II will have its official launch later this year. Visit our website for updates.