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Technical Director of Teknek, Ms. Sheila Hamilton will tutor at EOS/ESD Manufacturing Symposium in Korea COEX in Seoul, 19-23 March, 2018

As early as the 1400s, European and Caribbean military forts were using static control procedures and devices trying to prevent inadvertent electrostatic discharge ignition of gunpowder stores. By the 1860s, paper mills throughout the U.S. employed basic grounding, flame ionization techniques, and steam drums to dissipate static electricity from the paper web as it travelled through the drying process. Every imaginable business and industrial process has issues with electrostatic charge and discharge at one time or another.


EOS/ESD Association, Inc. is setting the Global Standards for Static Control. ESD Association industry standards are available today to guide manufacturers in establishing the fundamental static charge mitigation and control techniques. It is unlikely that any company which ignores static control will be able to successfully manufacture and deliver undamaged electronic parts.


The EOS/ESD Manufacturing Symposium is focused on discussing the issues and providing the answers to electrostatic discharge in electronic production and assembly. It invites Industry experts to share their knowledge and experience with others.


Teknek (Glasgow, UK) has for many years been the global leader in providing yield improvement equipment for advanced manufacturing processes. It’s recent developments include equipment which assist in the zero defect- zero rework philosophy whilst doing so in a low static environment


Ms. Sheila Hamilton, Technical Director of Teknek, whom will present her findings in ‘Developing a contact cleaning machine for the SMT industry which has both highly effective cleaning and compliance with ANSI / ESD S20.20’ at EOS / ESD on 19th March 2018.