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Teknek – 40 years young

As Teknek approaches its 40th anniversary it has chosen the Nepcon Shenzhen exhibition to start to reveal its plans for its next-generation platform, something it calls Teknek 2.0.


Throughout its long experience, Teknek has been the innovation leader and is set to accelerate that process from 2021 onwards. Rather than easing into its 40th year, Teknek’s R&D program has been accelerated to have a robust innovation pipeline ready for the next decade.


Following extensive development and multiple patent applications, Teknek has chosen China and Nepcon to start to reveal its plans for the next 10 years.


Already acknowledged as the inventor of contact cleaning, its products are used globally by the world’s brand leaders. 


Building on its reputation for high performance and innovation Teknek 2.0 will incorporate a range of novel and patented technologies including: -

-          Adhesive roll monitoring

-          Cleaning roller monitoring

-          Motor condition monitoring

-          Controlled load cleaning

-          M2M and Machine to Enterprise communications.


At the heart of its innovation program is a unique combination of highly experienced engineers and scientists combined with over 35 years’ experience of multiple cleaning applications. This, when combined with the feedback from its many diverse customers, provides a unique insight into what is needed for the future.


Not content with developing new technologies, Teknek has evaluated its design and production processes by undertaking benchmarking exercises. As a result, it has added key skills and methods to the program, for example, a sheet metal designer with automotive and white goods knowledge has been added to the team. These improvements will further increase Teknek’s leading quality, reliability and responsiveness.


So, as Teknek approaches 40 far from starting to relax it is just getting started.  It would seem it’s true what they say – ‘life starts at 40’.