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Teknek Sales Excellence

As part of its overall Excellence program Teknek has introduced a Sales Excellence program for all its direct sales people and sales partners. This rigorous program includes in depth technical training via the Teknek Academy along with regular product updates and testing.


May 2019 saw our European partners attend an in-depth knowledge program

The twice-yearly event focuses on future industry trends and ensures that Teknek continues to deliver industry leading support of for its end users.

It also allows for in depth training on Teknek’s major new products, this year the low static cleaning products NT™ cleaning rollers and GAR (Gold Adhesive Roll) were presented along with upgrades to the Teknek SMT 2017 Board Cleaner and the new CM81 Sheet Cleaner.

The two-day meeting gives Teknek’s sales partners the opportunity to experience hands on how it continues to deliver its ethos of scientific research and testing to support its claims of best and most novel cleaning solutions. The event focused heavily on the new unique low static cleaning system, NT™ cleaning rollers offer all the cleaning power of Teknek rollers with the added advantage of being static dissipating.  With surface resistance of 1 x 107 Ω, within the Teknek machines static levels remain well below 100 volts compared with over 3,000 volts or more in other systems. 

For the first time ever, boards used in the SMT process can be cleaned in a static environment less than 50 volts. Damage due to ESD and EOS are eliminated. Such is the effectiveness of the system that for most SMT applications Ionisers are not required after cleaning.


The ability to control the static level with the cleaning process allows high speed cleaning of thin films such as those used in Display and FPCB. These films are easily charged whilst moving through the production process. Once highly charged the films have a high tendency to wrap rollers used in the process, including the cleaning rollers.

Moreover, thin materials which have been difficult or impossible to clean with traditional cleaning rollers are easily cleaned with this new technology. Polyimide widely used in the FPCB market is very thin and is easily tribocharged.  Having struggled for many years to process sheets of this material at speed, NT has recently been used to process such at up to 40 metres/min.

Teknek ensures all its official key sales partners have undertaken its famous ‘Teknek Academy’ a series of hands on and written tests examining the process of Adhesive and Elastomer testing carried out in the onsite laboratory at its Glasgow HQ.

Some of the attendees from Teknek’s newer sales partners also undertook ‘Technical Service Certification’ accreditation ensuring all key partners are authorised to carry out installation and preventative maintenance of Teknek machines.

Here is a selection of comments from the attendees: -

“A very useful and well delivered course, appreciated by all” - Jonathan Hall, Acetonic SARL

“It’s always a pleasure to be part of the Teknek Family and now again we are ahead of the industry with low static cleaning machines” – Nicola Vivanet, Jo-Tech Srl

“Two days very well spent” – Peter Henebry, Maxem Engineering

“The hands-on training with machines was great, thank you very much!”  Pasi Miettinen, Scanditron

“The Academy then new product training gave such detail on the products that I can really use to help my customer, well done all the team” - Maurits Van Der Laken, Partnertec

“The professional, scientific approach of Teknek towards it’s markets and products is excellent” – Bert Van Kooy, Nilpeter BV

“My first time on a Teknek training course, my biggest compliment, all the information provided was actually usefull!!” - Joao Reis, ITECH