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Teknek SMT 2017, one of the FIRST machines in the Electronic Assembly market has gained full certification of 20.20!

Electronic assembly demands are always changing. One of the key drivers is the wide spread adoption of the ‘zero defect – zero rework’ philosophy, particularly in key segments such as Mobile, Automotive Electronics and other high end industries.


Also major customers are requiring their manufacturing facilities to be low static environments. With ANSI/ESD S20.20 becoming more accepted equipment suppliers have to step up.


Static management, miniaturization and zero defects are still the main challenges for high-end producers.  Also, we expect the market to demand not only great cleaning but also increasing amounts of data and verification.

How to manage the static charges, how to ensure that the cleaning process does not add static, and at the same time maintain or improve cleaning performance?. Also how can you tell that the equipment meets the standard you need?.


Using innovative design combined with new materials, Teknek has been able to develop machines which fully comply with ANSI/ESD S20.20 as required by major SMT companies without compromising the efficiency of the cleaning process. The only way to prove these claims is to have the product tested and certified by an independent test laboratory.


The Teknek SMT cleaning machine has passed independent testing and gained full certification to ANSI/ESD s20.20 2014. This is the  first ever contact cleaning to have gained 3rd party approval.


Teknek operates from its 4,650sqm headquarters in Glasgow, UK. The high quality facility was purpose built by Teknek. Within this state of the art facility is an 800sqm clean room was built for Teknek roller production only.


The unique cleaning roller production facility is packed with special production equipment developed by Teknek for making cleaning rollers. Investment has exceeded $1,000,000. Teknek’s development and  innovation never stops.