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Teknek Supports local Education Program

As part of its overall development program Teknek offers a variety of work experience activities designed to help those at local Schools and Universities gain experience.

Jamie Shaw is one of our most recent work experience students. He attends Garnock Community Campus School, Beith Road, Glengarnock.


We asked him about his experience: -

A             Why did you apply to Teknek for work placement?

My dad Alan Shaw is the Engineering Manager at Teknek and what he tells me about his job sounded interesting.


B             As this was your first time in a workplace how did you feel as you walked in the door?

I was nervous and did not know what to expect.  However, everyone made me feel so welcome that by the end of the week I felt part of the team.


C.            Was your week as expected?

I had no expectations, but it certainly opened my eyes to what it is like to work a full day.


D             What was the highlight of the week?

I really enjoyed going onto the shop floor where I could watch the machines being built.  I found the adhesive department the most interesting.


E.            Any area you did not enjoy?

I found it hard to just watch as machines were being built as I really wanted to join in.


F.            Did the work placement help you make a decision on your future career path.

Yes, I am interested in Design and engineering and I would like to work in a similar field.


Teknek colleagues thoroughly enjoyed hosting Jamie for the week and we would be very happy to welcome him back if he wanted to join us again.