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Teknek win the award of The Best Cleaning Equipment at SH NEPCON 2017.

Shanghai 25th – 27th April 2017.  With a new line of SMT in-line board cleaners, this makes the first time that Teknek has attended SH NEPCON, one of China’s largest, longest standing and most comprehensive SMT trade shows.


Viewed and voted by 1,000 SMT China readers, 50 independent SMT experts and scientists, On 25th April 2017, SMT China announced that Teknek SMT 2017 Contact Cleaning Machine won the award of The Best Clearing Equipment at The 11th SMT China VISION Awards / Innovation Products & Services in Surface Mount.


Teknek is the global leader in contact cleaning equipment for a number of sectors including converting, printing, medical and solar cells.


The equipment helps manufacturers increase production yields and reduce wastage by removing contamination. Over 90% of Teknek’s equipment is exported overseas.

Teknek won award

Contact cleaning has been scientifically proven to be the most efficient system available. A specially formulated elastomer roller runs in contact with the board and transfers the contamination onto an adhesive roll to permanently remove the contamination.


The Teknek SMT2017 incorporates the latest innovations for in-line contact cleaning ensuring that the customer’s need to process the most sensitive devices are met.


These machines feature for the first time Nanocleen™20.20, a new cleaning roller that meets the demands of ANSI/ESD s20.20 2014. This important companywide static control program is another key step in driving quality.


Innovations inside the SMT 2017:-

  • Cleaning rollers with Surface Resistivity around 1 x 108 Ohms to comply with ANSI/ESD S20.20 2014

  • Static charge monitoring to ensure boards exit cleaning at <100 volts

  • Low applied pressure by the cleaning rollers – less than 2N/cm2

  • Silicone free cleaning rollers and adhesive rolls

  • Accurate speed control to avoid board scratching


By combining appropriate, well designed in-line board cleaning, state of the art inspection systems and excellent process control the goal of Zero Defects- Zero Reworks gets ever closer.