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Teknek: Wise, Pioneering & Nurturing

For over 35 years, Teknek has used its extensive Knowledge and Experience to develop the market, industry and individuals.


The widely acclaimed Teknek Academy continues to share both our knowledge and passion for defect elimination.


We are always pleased to invite Customers and Distributors to visit us at our UK headquarters, providing them with the unique opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the processes and technology that have made Teknek a world leader.


This week Masami Kitamura and Koitsu Imai from our Japanese Distributor BRUX were welcomed to the Teknek offices to embark on an intensive technical and product training programme.


Dr. Ian Vallance hosted the Teknek Academy and we are pleased to announce that both Masami and Koitsu completed the training and passed the tests.


Congratulations, and we look forward to hearing from you both as you use and develop your new-found skills and knowledge in Japan.