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Teknek – Your Zero Defect Partner

Teknek will use Productronica to launch a new product for the European Electronic Assembly market.

Responding to the market, SMT 2017 (20.20) will be unveiled. This product incorporates a wide range of new innovations designed to give total cleaning in a low static environment.


SMT 2017 (20.20)

The latest version of this highly successful product. There are changes to the machine, however the major developments relate to the core Teknek technology.  The machine uses the latest patented G2 Nanocleen™ 20.20 cleaning rollers and the all new ARLS adhesive.

ARLS is the latest in a range of novel sheeted adhesives designed and manufactured by Teknek. By engineering the base material and reformulating the adhesive coating the conductivity of the product was increased without the addition of conductive particles.

The lightweight G2 Nanocleen™ Silicone free G2 rollers  coupled with the all new ARLS (Adhesive Roll Low Static) gives cleaning to <1µm and does so with low applied pressure and in a low static (<100volts) environment.

This new in-line cleaner meets ANSI/ESD s20.20 which is becoming increasingly important.

Miniaturisation is a key factor in SMT with the introduction of smaller components such as 008004 and tracks below 60µm small particles are now a big problem, and Teknek is again leading the way.

Stephen Mitchell, Managing Director commented – ‘being able to clean particles as small as 50 nanometres, and do so in a low static environment has taken considerable development resource. This kind of innovation is what drives Teknek.  SMT 2017 offers single and double side cleaning and can now process board widths down to 40mm, this makes it the most flexible and powerful in-line cleaner for Electronic Assembly. It’s a key part of our campaign to move from Defect Detection to Defect Elimination’.