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The Teknek Academy – Producing clean machine technicians for nearly 10 years

The Teknek Academy is the brainchild of Teknek Managing Director, Stephen Mitchell. The concept was born during one of Mr. Mitchell’s business trips.


‘Some years ago, whilst in Asia, I was explaining why Teknek works best. After covering a whiteboard with some detailed physics and chemistry equations, the idea of the Teknek Academy was born. The Teknek Academy was a new way of approaching skill development and information dissemination.’ 


The objective of the Academy is to ensure that staff and key distribution partners have access to all the scientific data that makes Teknek a world leader. Through practical and theoretical training methods, the Teknek Academy adopts a data-driven approach that can only be offered by those who have the detailed advanced science skills and resources, including fully equipped laboratories – thus far only Teknek can offer this.


The Teknek Academy, launched back in 2010, has been successfully producing qualified clean machine technicians for nearly ten years. It provides the student with the ability to carry out an informed scientific conversation with the customer and then clearly demonstrate the benefits of the Teknek products.


The Teknek Academy is led by Dr. Ian Vallance.


“For me, the Teknek Academy is an excellent hands-on way to introduce key internal and external Teknek stakeholders, to Teknek’s core Roller and Adhesive Technologies. But probably, more importantly, the Teknek Academy lets these same people, experience the philosophy behind Teknek's commitment to understanding and meeting its customers contact cleaning needs. It demonstrates to those who go through the Academy, Teknek’s commitment to testing and the provision of data to support the claims we make for our products. It also demonstrates how Teknek invests in the science of contact cleaning, develops tests and utilises a raft of targeted technologies toward staying ahead of its competition. Most importantly for me, by having students carry out testing for themselves it provides them with tangible evidence of how testing and the use of actual data is a large part of how we differentiate ourselves from our competitors.”


Teknek is passionate about education and sharing knowledge. This week, Teknek employees Martin Brown and Liam Hopkins completed the course, and we look forward to seeing more Teknek Academy graduates in 2020.