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Our Global Support team is always ready to help Teknek Customers.

To provide the best support please take a moment to gather important information about your Teknek machine before contacting us. Having this information ready will allow us to better meet your needs.

Some older Teknek machines are very difficult to support as parts are no longer available. You can check if your machine is still supported here.

The Global Support team will ask a range of questions; these are necessary to help us find the best solution as quickly as possible. Please look at the typical questions we ask below and prepare as much as you are able.

One of the most important things we will need to know is the Machine Serial Number. If you don't have the serial number, don't worry contact Service team.

Other important information includes: 

A detailed description of the fault or issue - if possible take videos or provide photographs.

When was the machine last serviced?

  1. What cleaning rollers and adhesive rolls are being used?

  2. When were the cleaning rollers last cleaned? and what was used to clean them?

  3. What is your process?

  4. Have you tried to resolve the problem? what did you do and what was the result?


Once we have established a clear picture of the problem we will make it a priority to get it fixed as fast as possible.

There are many questions we get asked on a regular basis, some are shown below which may help you with your machine.


Q1. My machine works well, but the cleaning performance is not the same as when it was new.

A1. To keep cleaning performance at a high level the machine needs regular maintenance. Effective cleaning comes from well-maintained rollers and the use of Teknek adhesive rolls.

Visit Roller Application page to learn how to maintain your cleaning efficiency. 


Q2. How long do the Teknek cleaning rollers last?

A2. All Teknek cleaning rollers are guaranteed for 1 year. The warranty is conditional on regular maintenance and the use of Teknek adhesive rolls

Just like tyres on your car, the more you travel the faster the tyres wear.

Roller life is a variable, but generally, well-maintained rollers last 1-2 years, sometimes longer.


Q3. I want to order spares parts for my Teknek machine, how can I do that?

A3. By using Teknek genuine parts your machine will continue to work well for many years.

Contact the Global Support team with some basic information: 

  • Serial No. and model

  • Your details

  • What parts you need. Don't worry if you don't know the part no. or description. Take a photo.

  • Click on the link to find your local Support Location


Q4. I would like a copy of the manual for my machine. How do I do that?

A4. For all current standard machines, you can find download documents here.

If your machine is not listed, please contact the Global Support team.


Q5. How often should my Teknek machine be serviced?

A5. Teknek machines are designed to last. However, they do work better if regularly serviced by an Authorised Service Engineer. To arrange a service, contact our Global Support team.


Q6. Is it important to fit the Adhesive roll in a specific way?

A6. Yes, it is very important to fit the adhesive roll correctly. 

Teknek has a simple system which easily identifies which way the adhesive roll should be fitted. Find more details here.

To make sure all operators are aware of the adhesive roll replacement process you can download a simple instruction sheet which can be displayed near your machine. Follow the download link here.


Q7. I accidentally fitted the adhesive roll incorrectly. A sheet of adhesive wrapped around my cleaning roller. What should I do?

A7. You may be able to remove the adhesive sheet without damaging the cleaning rollers. Peel the adhesive sheet off very slowly.

If the roller has not been damaged it will need to be cleaned using the Teknek cleaning process. Click here for detailed instructions.

Once you have removed the adhesive sheet, if the roller is damaged then, unfortunately, the roller will need to be replaced. Please order new rollers by contacting the Global Support team.


Q8. Do I have the correct air pressure for my machine to work properly?

A8. The pressure setting for each machine is important and is detailed in the machine manual. Each machine has a pressure regulator which controls the pressure within the machine.

To ensure an adequate supply of air, your supply to the machine should be around 6Bar or 85psi. The air supply should be clean and dry.

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