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About Us

Hello, we are Teknek. We have been dedicated to solving customer contamination problems for over 30 years. Our business is entirely focused on researching, developing, producing and servicing contact cleaning equipment. We invented the Technology and have through innovation and service managed to remain at the forefront of this sector. Our aim is simple - zero defects in your process.

Our Company

Back in 1984 printed circuit boards were everywhere. However, to produce greater yields, they had to be perfectly clean. Teknek pioneered the idea of zero contamination in manufacturing. We developed a system to remove every particle of dust from PCBs, then rolled the system out to copper laminate and copper foil.

The Teknek Clean Machine became the industry standard and an integral part of any PCB production line. Since then our defect removal technology has been used in a wide range of industries around the globe.

Today, Teknek is a wholly-owned subsidiary of ITW Inc. We’re the world leader in contact sheet cleaning and web cleaning, backed by a $15bn business. Yet our core values and principles remain.

Knowledge and innovation still ensure optimum yield and world-class support for the customer while research and training keep us abreast of technology. We remain the market leader in combating contamination.

From our base in Glasgow, our 100 staff serve the world around the clock. We have a global reach, operational excellence and technical advantage.

Moreover, thanks to us, many advanced manufacturing processes are greatly improved.


Life of an Order from teknek on Vimeo.

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