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About Us

Hello, we are Teknek. We have been dedicated to solving customer contamination problems for over 30 years. Our business is entirely focused on researching, developing, producing and servicing contact cleaning equipment. We invented the Technology and have through innovation and service managed to remain at the forefront of this sector. Our aim is simple - zero defects in your process.

Our Core values

A set of deeply held beliefs runs throughout the business and keeps us at the forefront of the industry.


Deep experience and constant learning

We’ve over 30 years’ experience gained at the cutting edge of contamination removal. In that time, we have worked with many industries around the world. This gives us an unrivalled breadth of knowledge that we never stop adding to. Our intimate knowledge of the process allows us to offer the best-value defect removal.


Learning and development are essential to growth

We’ve led the market from our formation over 30 years ago by investing in our own Research and Development, working closely with our customers and participating in International Research Programs. At our Glasgow headquarters, engineers, scientists and technologists work together to find new ways to improve customers’ processes.

We extend our innovative approach beyond product development to all parts of the business. For example, adopting the latest thinking in production methods ensures we deliver products quickly and to the highest quality.


International quality standards

We combine our experience with our customers’ detailed requirements to build premium products that lead the field and are made to last. Many of our first products are still working today.

Our processes operate to International Quality Standards and we conduct the widest range of tests so you can have total confidence in our products. 


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