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About Us

Hello, we are Teknek. We have been dedicated to solving customer contamination problems for over 30 years. Our business is entirely focused on researching, developing, producing and servicing contact cleaning equipment. We invented the Technology and have through innovation and service managed to remain at the forefront of this sector. Our aim is simple - zero defects in your process.

Our Technology

Many sectors, these days, demand zero defect and zero rework. The challenges of producing high quality-high volume electronics have never been tougher. Defects caused by particles cause significant yield loss. So the industry is moving from defect detection to defect elimination.

At Teknek, our cleaning concept is a simple one. However turning it into equipment that provides effective cleaning in a variety of applications is key.

In principle, an elastomer cleaning roller makes contact with the surface to be cleaned. This roller picks up the particles of contamination and captures them on an adhesive roll. Permanently removing the particles ensures fewer defects in subsequent processes.

It is our technology that makes us stand out. Our cleaning rollers and adhesive rolls have a unique structure and composition. these are the result of many years of research into the scientific principles behind the basic concept.

We understand the forces of adhesion that hold particles onto surfaces. So we can tailor the cleaning rollers and adhesive rolls to optimise their cleaning performance across many industrial applications.

We also respond to customer requirements with innovative elastomer roller and adhesive combinations. These allow our technology to remove a wide range of particle sizes, from several millimetres down to 10nm.

We can remove particles from substrates of many different materials – from 30 micron thick plastic film or 10mm sheets of glass. The technology works in many different operating environments, including high vacuum deposition on webs and ESD sensitive assembly areas in electronics.

Our silicone-free cleaning is highly effective without damaging the surfaces. It is a premium technology that has made us market leader. We never stop researching and developing, constantly refining our processes so that you can expect zero defects and zero rework. 

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