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About Us

Hello, we are Teknek. We have been dedicated to solving customer contamination problems for over 30 years. Our business is entirely focused on researching, developing, producing and servicing contact cleaning equipment. We invented the Technology and have through innovation and service managed to remain at the forefront of this sector. Our aim is simple - zero defects in your process.

Our Experts

Stephen Mitchell
Managing Director

Stephen Mitchell has a wealth of professional experience spanning 37 years. His expert knowledge of sectors such a instrumentation, industrial lasers, factory automation and biosensors, make him a robust and inspirational leader in the industry. A firm believer in best practice and cutting edge technology, he leads from the fore; ensuring strategic goals are met at the same time as combining innovation and operational excellence.

In addition to Stephen’s professional achievements, he also holds an MBA and honours degree in Physics and Chemistry. By his own admission, his academic pursuits merely fuelled his passion for technology. It almost seemed inevitable that his vocation would be in these sectors.

He was appointed as Managing Director at Teknek in 2006 and is instrumental in Teknek’s overall vision and direction; staying ahead of its field in improving yields in manufacturing and assembly processes worldwide.

One of the major milestones in his time at Teknek was the smooth integration in 2011 with Illinois Tool Works, a multi-billion dollar company. Stephen was instrumental in the process.

When Stephen was invited to share what inspires him as Managing Director at Teknek, his response is telling; “ Teknek make products that have an impact, they reduce defects and in doing so make products more affordable and help reduce consumption of materials. Being able to make a difference, as well as work with talented and creative people whilst engaging with the world’s best companies, well it does not get much better than that.”

Teknek’s core values such as knowledge, innovation and value are key drivers that Stephen continues to instil today. Not least, these principles assure that Teknek’s wider capabilities are attained; global reach, operational excellence and technical advantage - keeping Teknek ahead of the times.

Steve Michell 



Hunter Paterson
Senior Product Manager

With over 30 years’ experience, Hunter joined Teknek in 1989 and originally started his career in the automotive sector as a mechanic. He has now held the position of Senior Product Manager for more than 10 years; having already worked in both production & manufacturing to technical services at Teknek.

As Senior Product Manager, Hunter works to create, develop and launch new machines and consumables whilst updating legacy products; working across functions to establish Teknek’s class leading products for industry.

In his earlier years, he was instrumental in establishing Teknek’s Technical Services Worldwide; showing how progressive Teknek was and still is when it comes to their customers and products. Customers are supported with technical information and spare parts for their equipment.

Teknek appreciates that to have the best products, ensuing support and aftersales service are as pivotal to their success as the high performance of their products. Surrounded by industry experts and using today’s technology and innovations certainly makes Teknek a dynamic and progressive place to work.



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